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  1. Financial supervision of persistant young offenders

    Publication | 30-01-2015

  2. The probation system

    Publication | 15-01-2015

  3. Procedure for individuals having to report themselves

    Publication | 09-07-2014

  4. Home for abandoned infants and baby house

    Publication | 30-06-2014

  5. Draft decree amending the penal measure and the decree on non-custodial deprivation of liberty and social security

    Publication | 16-06-2014

  6. Draft decision on the amendment of the judicial data and criminal records act, the police data act and the civil aviation (security) decree

    Publication | 23-04-2014

  7. Draft bills and draft order in council 'lawyer and police interrogation'

    Publication | 26-03-2014

  8. Draft legislative proposal Amendment of the Custodial Institutions Act

    Publication | 07-03-2014

  9. Bill on repatriation and administrative detention of foreign nationals

    Publication | 20-02-2014

  10. Juvenile criminal law, neuroscience and ethics

    Publication | 17-02-2014