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  1. Expansion of criteria for committal to a maximun security institution

    Publication | 23-08-2018

  2. Recommendation on carrying out prison sentences: response to the government's vision on detention 'Recht doen, Kansen bieden'

    Publication | 23-08-2018

  3. Recommendation on draft legislative proposal to expand victims' rights

    Publication | 22-08-2018

  4. Recommendation for draft legislative proposals for Book 3 through Book 6 of the Dutch Code of Criminal Procedure

    Publication | 15-06-2018

  5. Recommendation on phased detention and conditional release

    Publication | 12-06-2018

  6. Advice on Developments and bottlenecks at forensic psychiatric clinics and units

    Publication | 29-03-2018

  7. Recommendation on the amendment of the Judicial Data and Criminal Records Decree

    Publication | 22-02-2018

  8. Placement in secure facilities of juveniles under criminal law and juveniles under civil law

    Publication | 22-02-2018

  9. Recommendation on the draft decision to amend the hospital orders (care) regulations

    Publication | 15-06-2017

  10. Recommendation on the proposed draft legislation making the bringing of prohibited items into custodial institutions a criminal offence

    Publication | 15-06-2017