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  1. Advisory Report on the proposed amendments to the Youth Act

    Publication | 19-05-2020

  2. Recommendation regarding the draft legislative proposal for the Forensic Care (remedial) Act

    Publication | 26-03-2020

  3. Advisory report on the draft Decree concerning the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions

    Publication | 12-03-2020

  4. Tension in detention

    Publication | 12-03-2020

  5. The detention of juveniles in police cells

    Publication | 05-02-2020

  6. Recommendation regarding Intensive voluntary help. Clear limits on the use of coercion in youth care

    Publication | 24-01-2020

  7. Advisory report on the draft legislative proposal for the USB Implementing Act

    Publication | 29-03-2019

  8. Advice on the provision of medical data on defendents who refuse to participate in pre-trial forensic psychiatric assessment

    Publication | 05-03-2019

  9. Forensic care regulations

    Publication | 05-11-2018

  10. Advice on suspending sentences of foreign nationals

    Publication | 09-10-2018